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CEOSeR partners participate in the 13th Baltic Polymer Symposium

The Department of Organic Technology at Kaunas University of Technology (DOT-KTU) were proud to sponsor a special session dedicated to the CEOSeR project at the recent Baltic Polymer Symposium.

The prestigious Baltic Polymer Symposium attracts well-known researchers from across Europe, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, North America, China, Japan and Taiwan, as well as the Baltic States. This year's edition - the thirteenth - was held during 18-21 September in Trakai, Lithuania.

During the CEOSeR special session, DOT-KTU's twinning partners presented several important scientific papers related to the project:

  • Synthetic methodologies towards new heterohelicenes (W.Dehaen, KU Leuven)
  • Organic small molecules for photonic applications: from solar cells to micro lasers (H.Froeb, TU Dresden)
  • Hydrogen-bonding of methoxy groups versus charge transporting properties: experimental and theoretical approach (G.Siny, Universitè de Cergy-Pontoise)
  • Organic solar cells: correlation between performance and density of states (J.Puigdollars, Universitat Politècnica Catalunya)

Also, Prof. Hab. Dr. Juozas Gražulevičius, Head of DOT-KTU, and his colleagues presented collaborative research papers during the other symposium sessions

  • Carbozale based hole conducting material for efficient solid state DSSC: an alternative to spiro-ometad (together with researchers from Laboratoire PCM2E and Institut XLIM)
  • Synthesis and properties of glass-forming naphthalimide compounds containing carabzole moieties (together with researchers from Vilnius University)
  • Investigation of electro-acoustic effects in organic structure (together with researchers from Lviv Polytechnic National University and Rzeszòw University of Technology)
  • Electrophosphorescent diodes based on Ir(Fppy) (together with researchers from Lviv Polytechnic National University, Rzeszòw University of Technology and European University - Lviv)

Overall, the thirteenth edition of the Baltic Polymer Symposium was a great success and DOT-KTU are very grateful to the event's co-organisers: Vilnius University, Riga Technical University, Tallinn University of Technology and the Institute of Chemistry, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania.

To read more about the symposium, please visit the BPS2013 website


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